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December Newsletter






Derek has been representing Guam in international competitions since 2002 and has consistently been one of Guam’s top distance runners for over 10 years.  He is Guam’s only two-time Olympian in track and field, representing the island in Beijing 2008 and London 2012. Derek also represented Guam at the 2011 World Championships in Track and Field in Daegu, Korea. At the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Derek served as the Guam coach for track and field. Derek is also co-owner of the local running apparel company, Run Guam, Inc.
Accomplishments: 2009 Guam Ko’ko’ Half Marathon winner and is still the only local male to claim the individual title in the event’s half marathon distance. 2012 Guam International Marathon - he completed his first marathon and was the first local finisher (5th overall), 2014 Hong Kong Half Marathon - 7th place overall, and 2015 Guam International Marathon - 3rd place overall and the first local male to ever finish in the top-3 of the event.


Manami, a runner for about 3 years, started running to get healthy and instantly got hooked. She trains on a daily basis incorporating swimming and biking as a triathlete.
Accomplishments: First female overall in the half marathon event for 2015 and 2016 Guam International Marathon, first overall female for 2016 Guam Ko'ko Road Race 10km event, first female overall in the Guam National Triathlon, and first female overall for Tour of Guam 105km cycling event.


Rhea is a runner/marathoner, wife, mom to a toddler and bikini athlete with a full-time job. She has qualified for Boston Marathon twice by running her qualification time in the Guam International Marathon. She is an athlete driven to keep improving and determined to achieve the goals set for herself.
Accomplishments: 2016 Boston Marathon Finisher, 2016 Nationally Qualified Bikini Athlete, 2015 Guam International Marathon - 2nd Place Overall Female, 2015 Guam Marathon - 1st Place Overall Female, 2015 Gawad Ulirang Filipino Awardee– Sports Category (Filipino Community of Guam), 2015 Guam Body Building (Bikini Division) – Overall Champion, 2013 Guam International Marathon - 4th Place Overall Female, 2013 Female Runner of the Year (Guam Running Club), 2013 Outstanding Female Group Fitness Instructor (Governor's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports Awards)
The best way to train for your run is by surrounding yourself with those who have reached the level you hope to accomplish. Below is advice from United Airlines Guam Marathon ambassadors who have accomplished what many local runners can aspire to.

Fueling during a race:

“In a marathon distance race, it’s beneficial to consume energy gels throughout the run. Taking an energy gel with water every 40 minutes of running can help reduce late race fatigue. You may not feel that you need your first gel during the race, however it’s better to consume it at that point than to feel like you need it later on. Be sure to train your body to be familiar with taking these supplements during training runs leading up to the race. Don’t make the race your first time consuming energy gels or you may end up with stomach issues.”
“During a race, I like to keep hydrated throughout, taking water or sports drink that is available at the aid stations. I am an aggressive sweater, meaning I sweat a lot, so I take about a cup of water at each aid station to avoid dehydration. As for fuel, I don't normally take anything but I do like to hold a gel packet during a half marathon, in case I start feeling weak.”
“Never skip a water stop during the race. Take a few sips of water and don't wait to be thirsty. Later during the race replace the electrolytes that you lost through sweat by taking GU, drinking sports drinks or eat a banana.”
Stay tuned for next month’s coach’s corners. Although it may be intimidating, use this as a guide to motivate yourself and use the advice provided to heart to make a difference in your training.


Registration for the United Airlines Guam Marathon 2017 is now open. Entry fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.




The recently renamed United Airlines Guam Marathon has new and exciting features for runners to look forward to before and after the race.

Håfa Adai Expo

UGM Weekend will kick off with the Håfa Adai Expo and Packet Pick Up held on April 7 from 12:00 - 6:00 p.m. and on April 8 from 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. The Håfa Adai Expo serves as the mandatory participant packet pick up location and is open to the general public. Festivities will include a running clinic by 2000 Sydney Games Olympic gold medalist and UGM Ambassador, Naoko Takahashi, sponsor booths, live entertainment, cultural activities, food and beverage concessions, shopping for official UGM and running merchandise and other only on Guam activities.Eat. Shop. Run.
As part of the 2017 event, the runners perks program will feature a diverse set of shopping incentives and others discounts that all registered runners, visitors and local residents, can enjoy. List of vendor offers and details will be available by January 2017 and will be presented on the event website. Special offers will be available race week starting April 3, 2022 and will conclude on April 16, 2017, week after the races. Runners can redeem discount offers by simply providing proof of race registration.

Eat. Shop. Run.
As part of the 2017 event, the runners perks program will feature a diverse set of shopping incentives and others discounts that all registered runners, visitors and local residents, can enjoy. List of vendor offers and details will be available by January 2017 and will be presented on the event website. Special offers will be available race week starting April 3, 2022 and will conclude on April 16, 2017, week after the races. Runners can redeem discount offers by simply providing proof of race registration.

The BBQ Beach Party

Runners will also be able to enjoy an all-new BBQ Beach Party after crossing the finish line at the end of their race. The BBQ Beach Party will take place beachside offering participants and spectators a chance to admire the scenic view of Tumon Bay at Governor Joseph F. Flores Memorial Park (Ypao Beach). Along with a live BBQ station, the BBQ Beach Party will also feature a live concert performance, beach games and entertainment, the traditional Tumon Bay post race dip, beachfront photo opportunities, local food and beverage concessions, live cultural entertainment, activities and more! The post race BBQ Beach Party is open to all participants and the general public.


Name: Edward Fernandez 
Title: Facilities Manager (PIC), Venue Logistics Manager (GSEI)
Village: Dededo
Favorite Food: Seafood.
What do you do in your spare time: Unfortunately I do not have much spare time, but when I am off I enjoy going to the beach and fishing when I can.
Role at UGM: Coordinate the set up and clean up of the Expo and Venue areas.
Favorite part about supporting the United Airlines Guam Marathon: My favorite part of supporting the United Airlines Guam Marathon would be just the experience of it all. Being a part of the largest running event on the island is great. Setting the whole thing up and seeing the reaction of the runners as they participate in the event is awesome.



What made you decide to run the Boston Marathon?
- After running my first sub 4 hrs marathon (which was my 2nd marathon) I thought it would be possible for me to run my qualifying time which is 3:35. I know it would take a lot of discipline, hard work and miles of training to get it, but I was ready for the challenge. I was so excited when I found out that GIM was AIMS/IAAF certified course, meaning I can use it to qualify for Boston Marathon. That meant I didn’t have to travel to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I was also able to train running the course and get use to the weather.
I ran the first GIM in 2013, came in 4th overall female and qualified for 2014 Boston Marathon. Unfortunately, I was not able to go because I got pregnant and gave birth to my son Myles in December 2013. I was determined to qualify again, so I trained hard for 2015 GIM. Training was harder this time around because I was having problems with my feet and my training schedule was dependent on my baby,but it was my dream to be able to run the BM. All my hard work was worth it because I placed 2nd overall female and qualified for BM the second time around.

How did you prepare for your race?
- I did not train as much as I should have leading into the 2016 Boston Marathon. I looked at it as my victory lap. I wanted to enjoy and savor every mile. I still did my workouts during the week and my long run on weekends. Effort wise I was not as hard on myself compared to when I was training to qualify.

Explain your philosophy on diet and nutrition, assuming you have one (and maybe you don’t)?
- I do not run to eat. I eat healthy and nutritious food to fuel me in my daily activities and exercise. But I do have a cheat meal every weekend. I usually plan what I want for my cheat meal. Even if I have a scheduled cheat meal, I don’t pig out or eat a week’s worth of unhealthy food during that meal. I eat just enough for me to satisfy my craving and when Monday comes I am back to healthy eating.

What were your goals for this race?
- Even though I did not train as hard as my previous marathon races I still wanted to cross the finish line in under 4 hours. Despite being very windy on the day of the race, I ran it in 3 hours and 45 minutes.Yay!
Did you face any challenges to reach your goal? During the challenging moments, what lessons did you learn and what did you learn about yourself?
- I did!!! When I plan on running a marathon I always physically and mentally train myself. I follow everything my coach will tell me and sometimes more just to avoid what endurance athletes call the WALL. I ran8 marathons and only during the Boston Marathon did I “almost” hit the wall. My calves started cramping at mile 18, so I decided to slow down. Mile 20 my hamstrings started bothering me, but I continued running and ignored it. The crowd was helping me becausethey were cheering on the runners and I can hear some of them yelling GO GUAM! (I was wearingmy GIM singlet during the race). After mile 22 everything went downhill. I was doing the Jeff Galloway’s run-walk-run strategy because my thighs were also cramping. I was getting desperate, I took a power bar and a power gel from one of the spectators and took a sip of it. When I was approaching the final two turns to the finish line I started thinking on how much hard work I put to get to this race,how much I wanted to be here. and now I was approaching the finish line. As soon as I turned left on Boylston Street I saw the finish line. It was surreal. I started crying and it was so emotional because this was a dream to be able to finish the most prestigious marathon in the world. Once I finished I thought of all the people who helped me fulfill my dream. My inspirations my husband Dave and my son Myles, my coach Patrick Silverio, John Philip Duenas and Mary Joyo Tabal, my mom and dad who motivated me to run marathons, my running family here on Guam and my sponsor Paradise Fitness Center who made my dream possible.
If you’re struggling during training or in a marathon, what tips do you use to pick yourself up?
- There’s a quote by Eric Thomas that I always keep in my mind. “Don’t’ Quit. You’re already in Pain, You’re already hurt. Get a reward from it.”  I am not just going to stop in the middle of my training for nothing and give up.
Running 5K races every Saturday also motivate me because whenever I see improvement in my finish time, even if its small, it pushes me to train harder.
How did you train when you traveled to Boston or when traveling for competitions? What would you recommend to traveling runners - diet, training, etc.?
- I arrived in Boston a few days before the race with my friend Sheryl Padilla. I normally do a light run before a race but Sheryl and I were not able to do it because our packet pickup was the day after we arrived and we were tired.
- When planning for a “run-cation”, plan on 2 or 3 days before your race especially if you have to travel long hours. You want to get acclimatized. Do not eat something different or new. Prepare everything you need for the race the day before the race or before you go to bed.
What's next (race wise)? Are you training for any upcoming event?
- I will be running of course the United Airlines Guam Marathon(maybe half).
What would be the best advice you could give to first time runners and to runners who would want to run a big race like the Boston Marathon?
- Train, respect the miles. 26.2miles is 26.2miles you cannot just wake up one morning and decide to run a marathon. You have to build your endurance. Guam has a very friendly running community. Go out and you’ll see a lot of runners. Run to finish the race and not to beat the time with proper training.
If you could deliver one message to every runner reading this what would it be?
- When I ran my first marathon in 5hrs 26 mins I thought there is no way for me to run an 8 minute mile for 26 miles. But I was determined to improve and set a goal to qualify for Boston Marathon. It was not an easy journey. A lot of speed workouts, long distance, early morning runs was put into my training. I was committed to the workout/training that my coach Patrick Silverio provided me and with my husband David around during my training to push and motivate me my dream became a reality. 
Set goals for yourself. Commit. Do Work.


As Guam's hometown airline and the official airline of the United Airlines Guam Marathon 2017, United Airlines invites race participants to take advantage of a special airline offer. United is proud to have the world’s most comprehensive route network, with United Airlines and United Express operating more than 4,500 flights a day to 339 airports across five continents.

Guam Info

Guam Bucket List

There are some things you just have to do while you're on Guam - whether you live here or you're visiting for a few days. Check all of these off your bucket list or you'll be missing out! How many can you get done?


1. Snorkel at Tumon Bay
2. Scuba dive at the Blue Hole
3  Visit Gef Pa'go Cultural Village in Historic Inarajan.
4  Go to the Chamorro Village Wednesday Night Market.
5. Take the south-side island tour.
6. Boonie stomp to one of the following - Lower Sigua Falls, Tarzan Falls or Talofofo Caves.
7. Enjoy tax free luxury shopping at T Galleria by DFS
8. Learn more about the island culture at the Guam Museum
9. Go to a fiesta.
10.See theisland like you've never seen it before through a run with the United Airlines Guam Marathon.
11.Walk the Hagatna Heritage Walking Trail through 17 historic sites in the island's capital city.


















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